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TG Solutions – Global, LLC (TGS) was formed to fill the void in the marketplace for FireSafe, Energy Efficient, “Green” Building solutions that work in “Real World” applications.

The primary goal of TGS was the development of products and systems that benefit Humanity without harming the Environment. TGS’ Research and Development has resulted in a new generation of “Green” Building Products and Systems. TGS’ Building Products and Systems are ecologically friendly materials and systems that have Lower Life Cycle Costs, high “Energy Savings” potential, increased “Fire Safety”, and increased strength and durability.

TGS has developed specific vertically integrated manufacturing systems, in an effort to minimize operating costs and maximize the ability for people with a wide variety of physical and mental capabilities to be employed. TGS, in recognizing the benefit of Micro-Plants for specific products, has developed certain Micro-Plant technology that can be established adjacent to the larger job-sites or within a regional hub, as the need dictates.

TGS introduces new building materials that are more durable, stronger and more environmentally friendly than traditional building materials – and at a cost effective price. TGS next generation “green” building materials are an order of magnitude cost reduction to the existing materials; with Life Cycle Costs (LCC) that are tremendously lower. TGS building products and systems are comprised of the following general classifications:

  1. TGS Geo-Fiber reinforcing fibers made from natural geologically occurring materials (geo-fibers) that have the strength approaching that of some grades of carbon fiber. The subject geo-fibers can be made in the USA or Saudi Arabia. Other locations are being developed.
    1. Lower carbon foot-print than synthetic based fibers
    2. Made by “Mother Earth” and can be returned to “Mother Earth”
  • TGS Composite Rebar made from TGS Geo-Fibers, when compared to traditionally used steel rebar, that:
    • have lower Life Cycle Costs
    • have up to over four (4) times the Tensile Strength
    • are up to 1/5th the weight
    • are non-corroding and have a life expectancy of over 100 years
    • are non-magnetic
    • have a thermal coefficient approximating concrete; poor conductor of heat
    • are poor conductors of electricity and heat
    • takes less energy to manufacture, transport, install and maintain; smaller carbon footprint
  • TGS Concrete Technologies employ TGS Geo-Fiber reinforcements and other TGS technologies, in combination: resulting in concrete structures that:
    • are up to 30% stronger than traditional Ordinary Portland Cement based concrete
    • have greatly reduced micro-fractures and micro-cracking
    • can use less concrete to achieve the same strength characteristics; lighter weight
    • reduces the permeability of concrete to water
    • has a reduced carbon foot-print
  • TGS “Green” Load-Bearing and Non Load-Bearing Wall technologies that:
    • are “Fire Safe”
    • are “Earthquake” resistant
    • are “Moisture” resistant
    • are “Energy Efficient”
    • are “Fast, Easy and Economical” to install
    • have a reduced carbon foot-print
  • TGS “Green” Interior and Exterior wall sheathing products that:
    • are thermally stable to over 1,000oC (1,800oF)
    • are fire rated as “non-combustible” (“Fire Safe”)
    • are mold and mildew resistant
    • are Termite and ant resistant
    • a weather resistant
    • are structurally strong
    • have a reduced carbon foot-print

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Working together to help make things better for humanity.